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Firstly all research and testing I have undertaken has only been to protect myself and the websites I manage.

I strongly urge you to only use any tools described here on systems that you own or control (and you don’t mind breaking) otherwise you may/will get into trouble with the authorities.

Also only use the OS on a machine that you are willing to wipe clean after if it turns out there is a root kit or something else nasty.


As a UK citizen, we have our government complaining that there is a lack of skilled programmers, engineers and computer security experts coming through our education system.

They throw millions of pounds at trying to get the younger generation into computer development and security but then ruin the lives of those that succeed.


Richard O’Dwyer case: TVShack

Gary Mckinnon

There are many hacking groups and people that cause real harm that should have the law come down on them hard, but it seems that everyone is thrown into the same bucket at the moment so getting caught practising with any of these tools can land you into serious trouble.


So where to get details about Anonymous OS and downloads:

Has it really been built by Anonymous?

We do not know who actually built the OS so technically yes. They are anonymous.
Weather it is the same people that cordinate the attacks that have been in the media, we do not know.
The FBI could have built this and store everything you do so they can catch you.
So consider this was built by a guy that lives on the otherside of town. He could be a cop, a bad guy or a developer that wanted to collate loads of tools into a pre-made OS.
With that in mind, do not break the law.

Why try Anonymous OS?

This OS is now out there and being used.
Ignoring this fact is like ignoring 2 lions sitting in your living room.
By seeing what tools are available, you can protect yourself as much as you can.

Is it safe to use?

Simply: NO.
Keep up to date with what the internet is saying but at this moment there are rumours there are back doors and other scary things.
Don’t do your internet banking on this OS or log into your email or facebook.
Its a risk you do not need to do until we know more.
Also only run on a machine that you are willing to wipe clean.
If it turns out that they were able to get a root kit onto your computer, it is a real pain to get off.

Why only available in LiveCD and LiveUSB?

I am not sure if it is a technical issue with the OS, but it is the most common way to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.
By running the OS on a CD or USB, your computer does not have these files on them which allows the removable devices to be easily thrown away.

Why is the OS password hashed with MD5?

I may be wrong but I think it is a marketing ploy.
There are rainbow tables out there that can reverse the hash to get you the password but I think it is more to do with the fact that they want people talking asking for the password.

Now a full list of what Anonymous OS provides as standard in its OS:

Based on: Ubuntu – one of the most popular versions of the Linux operating system

— General —

  • DuckDuckGo – No tracking privacy policy search engine
  • HTTPS Everywhere – uses https if possible
  • Foxy Proxy – hide who you are through proxies (Can use Tor)
  • Tor – mask a person’s online activities
  • Greasemonkey – runs scripts on websites
  • Vidalia – Network analyzer tool

— Accessories —

  • ParolaPass – Password generator

There are many tools online that offer this service already
Personal Preference – use to check the strength of your easy to remember passwords to see if you need to change

— Anonymous–

  • Find Host IP – Finds the IP address of a website.

Many tools online that offer this already like

DDOS Tools:

  • Ddosim
  • PyLoris
  • Slowloris
  • TorsHammer
  • Webloic – javascript DDOS
  • LOIC
  • HOIC
  • Anonymous High orbit Ion Cannon

You will make yourself a target if you use these on a website or IP address.
A good write up about it is here
Very Dangerous

SQL injection tools:

  • sqlmap
  • Havij
  • SQL Poizon

Admin page finders:

  • Admin Finder
  • Admin CP Finder
  • Easy admin Finder

Password decrypters:

  • John the Ripper
  • MD5Crack – website link
  • hash Identifier – Find out what hash the code is in


  • Encryptionfor Network Security – website – conversion tools

— Internet —

  • Pidgin – IM messenger
  • XChat – IRC Chat
  • Transmission – BitTorrent
  • JonDo – General security setup + Proxy IP changer
  • i2p – Secure communication over the net
  • Wireshark – Network packet analyiser
  • Zenmap – Security scanner

— System Tools–

  • CryptKeeper – Keep a folder on your OS that is encrypted

I prefer truecrypt instead

So that is a full rundown of what is available on Anonymous OS.
As I have said, be careful if you run it, be careful on where you test tools and do not break the law.

Richard O’Dwyer case: TVShack

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