Phone Business Card

As many business cards now have QR codes or NFC chips on them, I thought it would be useful making my phone case my business card.

This case has a QR code on it which directs the user to a page I control but also a NFC chip so NFC enabled phones only need to place their phone near mine for an action to take place.
In my case I just take them to this blog but you could take them through to a contact form or any other webpage that you wish

Create your own Phone business card

Step 1: Create your links

Firstly you need to create your own web links.
If you host a website then you can create your own scripts that detect different mobile devices and provide back an experience that is suitable for them.

Or you could get the URL of your linkedin profile or twitter account.
If you would like to track how many people are scanning your phone case (but you should be able to tell as you keep your phone with you) you will want to use 2 different links but end up at the same place with some form of tracking inplace.
Note: Ensure that you control the links content, if you change jobs you won’t want to change phone cases too

Step 2: Creating a QR Code

There are many QR Code generators around where you type in the link you would like the QR Code to go to and it generates it for you.
For example:
Save the generated QR Code image

Step 3: Code an NFC tag

NFC tags can be coded by any NFC enabled phone from a free app on that phones store.
You will need to purchase an NFC tag to place on your phone case which are cheap, but make sure that you buy “On Metal NFC Tags”.
This is due to phones like the iPhone 5 having a metal back. Normal NFC tags will not work

Step 4: Create your case

You have 2 options here:
Design your own case: There are websites that allow you to design your own case where you can upload the picture of your QR Code and place it in the position on the case you would like (This is a bit more expensive)
QR Code sticker To save money you can just print your QR Code onto a sticker and place it on top of your existing phone/case

Finally you stick the NFC Tag to the back of your phone (not to your case as the additional padding on the Metal NFC tag will not allow it to be read from that side) and place your case on top of your phone.
Now you have a business card phone case.

Note: If your phone is NFC enabled you will want to place your NFC chip at the bottom of the phone so it does not affect you using other capabilies available on NFC devices.

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