Are you:

  • Junior/mid level developer
  • Working in or around London
  • Looking for someone to help guide you and your career

I have been working in the technology industry for 12 years and looking to mentor 3 developers (initially).
1 hour a month after work we will meet somewhere convenient (i.e. a coffee shop) one-to-one and discuss anything you like.
There is no charge for any session, this will just be a relaxed discussion between 2 people talking about working in the technology industry.


  • How should I improve my skills to take me to the next level?
  • What should I be doing to get promoted?
  • I’m having problems with a co-worker/manager.
  • I’m struggling with my job.
  • Should I be looking for a new job?
  • Is my CV and interview technique good?
  • I want to start my own company.

If you are interested, please add your details to the form below

As I will be accepting only 3 people initially please try to fill out in detail what you would like to gain from our meet ups.

Will my details be shared with anyone:
No. I am not a recruiter or have any value in your personal details.

If selected, will you use my name when sharing any information:
Not without your approval first. I may want to write some linkedin posts about the experience and don’t currently plan to share the names of anyone I mentor. If I would like to use your name I would share this post with you first to approve.

Why am I offering this free of charge:
I am currently in my second CTO position and would have never reached this level without the advice and support from other experienced professionals on my journey.
This is me trying to provide the same support to others and hope to also learn something new on the way.

I have worked with you before:
Please message me if you need any support with anything. This is aimed for developers I have never worked with before.