Learning + Reading

These are resources I have used and would recommend to others.

Cross Browser Support

Allot of my examples use very new features in html5. To see a list of supported devices go to http://mobilehtml5.org/

Learning to Program

Video tutorials are a great way to understand new techniques and languages which is why I use Lynda. Its a bit expensive but well worth it if you want to learn something new quickly.


For those that are interested in starting in web development you can use http://www.codecademy.com which gives great tutorials about using HTML, CSS and javascript for FREE.

Another good starting point is One Hour code http://code.org/learn

And for certificates in IT you can subscribe to: http://itpro.tv


I personally add conferences to my youtube watch list when new ones are available so I can slowly watch them all instead of having to take a few days off work

JS Conf have really great talks so really worth a watch http://jsconf.com

A more browser based discussion on the future of the web http://edgeconf.com

About Business

If you are looking to run your own business or trying to understand the corporate side more for the company you are in (to help get promoted) then autobiographies from successful entrepreneurs is a good way to start.

Alan Sugar – What you see is what you get

Steve Jobs – The Exclusive Biography

Richard Branson – Business Stripped Bare


A great way to stay upto date with the latest information inside the tech community is to listen to podcasts.
The TWIT network is very good and I listen to Security Now whenever I can.


If you are interested in some fiction based on the tech world then there are 2 books I would strongly recommend

Daemon – Daniel Suarez

Freedom – Daniel Suarez

If there are any other resources which you think should be on this list, tweet @glynrob and I’ll consider adding them