openvas-logoOpen Source vulnerability scanner and manager is a framework of several services and tools offering a comprehensive and powerful vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution.

Getting Setup

Download the virtual appliance (3.2GB)
and the sha1sum file provided

This will download a .ova file that is used to create a virtual machine.

Confirm the package you’ve received is valid:
I’m on mac so this is how I check

openssl sha1 OpenVAS-8-DEMO-1.0.ova
SHA1(OpenVAS-8-DEMO-1.0.ova)= 71ba964421a5e751ba2cb79fe2291c4a9562add2
cat OpenVAS-8-DEMO-1.0.ova.sha1sum
71ba964421a5e751ba2cb79fe2291c4a9562add2 OpenVAS-8-DEMO-1.0.ova

As you can see, the sum files match so this is a valid package I have downloaded

I use Oracle VM Virtual Box so start this VM with your virtual manager

Secure your system


Username: root
Password: root

Recommended to change the default password


type in your new password


Remove authorised keys as it may contain remains from the VM build procedure

rm /home/openvas/.ssh/authorized_keys

Upgrade the base system to install latest security updates

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Now logout as the root user


We now login as openvas

Username: openvas
Password: openvas

Also change this password


type in your new password

Go to a browser to login through the UI
In the screenshot above you can see the IP address this is available from
In my case it is:

Allow security exception as the browser will not see that the certificate is valid from an authority as it is self signed (or replace it yourself if you wish)



Username: admin
Password: admin

Recommended to change your admin password
Go to Administration > Users > Edit User (Blue button)
Change the password so you are no longer using the default

You are now good to go.

Scan a live domain

On the homepage you have
Quick start: Immediately scan an IP address
IP address or hostname:
Enter in the website domain you want to run against and click Start Scan

Once that is completed you can see the report of what was found.


As you can see one of my sites has some issues which I need to deal with.

There are lots of features like scheduling daily so look around and configure as you require

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