About Me

Welcome to my Vlog.

I am Glyn Roberts and currently CTO of Digital Soluations at iTechArt.com which is a global digital agency.
Active moderator for webinars with CTO Craft Bytes and a global speaker.

I currently have 16 years experience in industry as a technical leader / CTO and have worked for several large web development companies.

I completed my Computer Science Degree at Liverpool University in 2005 and have been luckily working in the technology industry since.

This Vlog is a collection of Webinars, events and speaking engagements I have taken part in.

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If you would like to connect with me on Social channels, links are below.

#NFTdrop I've been verified on SolSea for my GlynRobPunks.
20 already gone, just 10 left
I plan to do more with NFTs this year connecting NFTs to content I create.
(I choose SOL over ETH to trade as the gas fees are much lower)

How long does it take to create your own Cryptocurrency?
Answer: Just over 1 hour
Below you can see I've created my very own GlynRobCoin (GRC) on the Polygon Testnet for fun.
Again the Web3 tools that exist make this so easy.
#web3 #blockchain #sundayfun

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