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Welcome to my Vlog.

I am Glyn Roberts and currently CTO of Digital Soluations at iTechArt.com which is a global digital agency.
Active moderator for webinars with CTO Craft Bytes and a global speaker.

I currently have 16 years experience in industry as a technical leader / CTO and have worked for several large web development companies.

I completed my Computer Science Degree at Liverpool University in 2005 and have been luckily working in the technology industry since.

This Vlog is a collection of Webinars, events and speaking engagements I have taken part in.

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This is a big deal for some. Be advised. ProtonMail removed “we do not keep any IP logs” from its privacy policy.


Event/Webinar season is back in full swing, and BLT is no different.
This Thursday (9th September) I'll be talking with Armando Vieira about how Synthetic Data can help companies to innovate without risk.

#syntheticdata #machinelearning #dataanalytics

Great chat with @pcbo last week on How career paths are changing
#careerdevelopment #leadership

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