About Me

Welcome to my Vlog.

I am Glyn Roberts and currently CTO of Digital Solutions at ventionteams.com which is a global digital agency.
Active moderator for webinars with CTO Craft Bytes, Tech Kitchen and a global speaker.

I have nearly two decades of experience in multiple technology stacks, cloud solutions, distributed team performance and technology consultancy.
With expertise in delivering software projects and leading technology teams globally, I consider myself a technical all rounder and has an outstanding track record of delivering innovative leading-edge products.

This Vlog is a collection of Webinars, events and speaking engagements I have taken part in.

Donations can be sent in Ethereum to glynrob.eth
(What is .eth? Ethereum Name Service is a blockchain protocol for users who want to have their own unique and memorable usernames over Web 3.0. Using the service allows you to nail all of your wallet addresses and decentralised websites to a single unique name)

AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical)

AWS Partner: Accreditation (Business)

AWS Partner: Cloud Economics Accreditation

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