Most CEOs and founders claim to be product focused, but what does it actually mean to be product focused? 

In our next BLT session, Emre Ertan, Chief Product Officer at Getir, will talk about his experiences adapting businesses to becoming product focused. He will share his stories on success and failures along with common pitfalls organisations fall into.

You’ll also hear about:

  • Finding product market fit
  • How to hire in a more product focused way
  • How team structures should change

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I'm excited to be speaking at a CTO Craft Bytes event on Friday 10th December on How to Avoid Failure With an Outsourcing Agency.

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How hot is the market for software engineers? Hotter than I've ever seen. Here's proof.

Dozens of companies have taken an extreme measure: increasing compensation out-of-cycle, during the year, because they see *so* much attrition.

Data on this (thanks for everyone sharing 🙌)

I was interviewed on The Technology Leadership Podcast not too long ago on 'What it takes to be a CTO or technology leader in today’s times'.
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