Sales may be perceived as a “dirty” word, but is integral in all parts of life, which includes technical leadership roles. Maybe you think you hate selling, but that’s simply not an option and certainly doesn’t need to be the case — we’ll show you how to get over it and unleash your inner Steve Jobs!

Glyn Roberts from Vention has 20 years of progressing from developer to CTO and has embraced the sales part of his role which has benefited his own career and the companies he has worked for.

Key points that will be discussed include:

  • What is expected from a CTO and Technical leader
  • How leadership and sales have a lot in common
  • The value you can bring to a business when embracing your sales side

The session will enable you to understand more about:

  • How your idea of what a good salesperson is may be the polar opposite – and suit you perfectly
  • Ways to help you and your team embrace sales as part of their job
  • Where do you draw the line between sales and your other responsibilities

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