Onboarding remotely can raise challenges that never occurred when you previously onboarded ‘in-office’.

You are growing your team and this role is expected to provide value to your business.
Adding new people to a team is a hard problem and there is always going to be a cost.
Bad onboarding can make this cost much larger.
This can result in not just the new hire not being productive, but can also be disruptive to other team members, derailing their work, which has a much bigger impact.

Here I cover the key aspects to allow you to make this process easier in future.

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Event/Webinar season is back in full swing, and BLT is no different.
This Thursday (9th September) I'll be talking with Armando Vieira about how Synthetic Data can help companies to innovate without risk.

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Great chat with @pcbo last week on How career paths are changing
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