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In this episode of The Technology Leadership Podcast, Glyn Roberts discusses what it takes to be a CTO and technology leader today. He talks about the industry trends he’s witnessed, what he learned from founding his own technology solutions company, the work-from-home culture and its benefits and when and how to approach recruiters for your company. Glyn also shares his thoughts on building high-performance distributed teams and how they contribute to the growth of organisations.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand the importance of having deep understanding of technology trends, being client-focused and directing an organisation as a CTO. 
  • Learn why working from home offers more flexibility to structure time and achieve a better work-life balance.
  • Hear why you can’t be fully reliant on an organisation to train you and the important of taking additional responsibility to ensure development.
  • Discover why you should make technology as simple as possible and use services that make your job easier.
  • Understand how to foster a better culture of diversity and inclusion using the way you phrase things and convey your ideas.
  • Learn how to manage recruitment partners and the benefits of having a trial period with specific goals and to get a sense of the calibre of candidates they can bring.
  • Get more insight into managing a distributed team and how to overcome barriers to communication and exchange information effectively as well as using software tools and choose appropriate technologies to work proactively and streamline the project vision.

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