This panel discussion brought to you by CTO Craft will discuss: How to Turn Your Engineering Team from Good to Great.

Airlines have on-time arrival. Retail has sales per square foot. Marketing teams have cost per acquisition. Manufacturing has yield and safety scores. But how do we measure the performance of engineering teams, and why is understanding team performance important?

In this session, CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber and eXate founder and CTO Sonal Rattan, will look at anonymized team data to share insights, behaviors, and metrics that lead teams to both high quality, and high velocity. They will share anonymised, aggregated data from millions of builds to show best practices on commits and pull requests, disaster recovery, frequency of deployment, and more.

If you’ve ever wondered how to solve that nagging feeling of wanting to “improve the team” but not being able to say exactly what that means, or if you know your team is world-class and want a way to prove it, this is the talk for you.

Rob Zuber, CTO at CircleCI
Sonal Rattan, Co-founder and CTO at eXate.

Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions @ iTechArt

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