Alongside Albany Partners, we be hosted a panel discussion featuring Meri Williams – experienced CTO and NED, Alfonso Ferrandez – fractional CTO and co-founder at UREGO, and David Mackey – Director of Interim at Albany Partners.

This panel will be discussed why, when and how to engage a CTO in an interim or fractional way. They explored use-cases for interim and fractional, perhaps challenging traditional thinking around hiring a permanent CTO as the go-to solution. The discussion will brought together a range of perspectives, including that of the technologists themselves, the recruiting agency, as well as the founder / investor side.

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Was a pleasure to be interviewed by @CTOCraft about my journey to becoming a CTO

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I'll be moderating a debate at @CTOCraft Conference on 14th Nov on Tests vs Observability.
Hope to see you there
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Alchemy University (@AlchemyLearn) now has a web3 learning hub, and it's free.
Gonna try Ethereum Developer Bootcamp

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