Today we discuss How to Avoid Failure With an Outsourcing Agency.

Outsourcing has been a common approach for technology companies to grow quickly which many of us have experienced for good and for worse.
With remote working now being more generally accepted as a valid approach and the limited availability of professionals based locally, outsourcing is likely to continue to increase.
Outsourcing agencies based locally or abroad can provide experienced professionals quickly, but how do they work and what should you be focusing on for the best outcome?

Glyn Roberts has experienced all parts of outsourcing life.
From his sixteen years working in the technology industry and in four different outsourcing agencies, his experience ranges from developer, delivery principal to CTO.
Glyn will be discussing common mistakes that both agencies and companies make when running staff augmentation or projects.
He will also discuss how to identify and correct issues when they occur.

This fireside chat will also cover questions on how you should interview candidates, how to manage distributed teams and managing expectations from both sides.

Speaker: Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions at
Moderator: Zoe Cunningham, Director at Softwire

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