This fireside chat brought to you by CTO Craft ,on Time to Talk Day 2022, will discuss The Importance of Open Conversations about Mental Health, to End Stigma and Discrimination.

We all have Mental Health and Mental Ill Health and Suicide affects us all.

With mental ill health at epidemic levels, it is more important than ever that we create the conditions within our businesses, organisations, communities and educational settings; where every person feels safe to speak openly about how they feel – and to ask for help when they need it.

This talk with Mental Health in Business CEO, Coach and committed Samaritans volunteer Claire Russell; takes place on Time to Talk Day- a day with the sole purpose of encouraging open conversations about mental health.

Claire will speak candidly about her own lived experience of mental ill health and will draw on her extensive professional experience, to tell us why conversations about mental health have the power to save lives and how – by talking about mental health, we can support ourselves and others.

There is still stigma around talking about mental ill health- and Claire will show us how to identify stigma, how damaging it can be, and how we can all contribute to a positive, supportive mental health culture in our organisations and communities

Speakers: Claire Russell, Mental Health in Business CEO, Coach and committed Samaritans volunteer

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